Help Needed for Single Stage, One Zone Fire Alarm System

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Jure George

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Hello Again, Another Fun Surprise from our instructor without any lectures on the subject, we get this lab assignment.

I have to creat a circuit that will cover the following :

1 Edwards 6616 Fire Alarm Panel
1 Manual Pull station
1 Rate of rise temperature station
1 Alarm signaling device

misc. conduit system, we pick our path and location of each device.

We need to design and instal a working Single Stage, One Zone fire alram system. I manual pull station, 1 rate or rise temperature detector and 1 alarm signaling device. Our power is already at each lab station. And the initiating and signal circuits are to be terminated by end of the line resistors located at the terminal strip.

I NEED the Ladder Diagram showing the Rung numbers and wire numbers for this working circuit as well as a Timing Diagram PLEASE, SOON.

Thanks Again In Advance, George


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You may have skipped a step:

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