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    Hello everyone,
    I am going to give a paper presentation on the topic- use of microwaves in advanced missile interception systems. For this purpose, I gotta know the technical info regarding the same. As a matter of fact, no any nation gives it online. So, can anybody tell me where will I get it in general format? Pls send me any link so that I can advance.
    Thank you.
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    Are these microwaves used as a data link? Or as detection or fire control radar?
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    The only use microwaves could have in missile interception is tracking the missile. Timing is extremely important. 1 microsecond is 1000's of feet of travel for a RF signal. The timing must be extremely accurate to get an accurate determination of location, direction and speed. If the radar signal is doppler determined for discrimination of speed in a head on direction vs across the field, then the RF oscillator will need to be accurate to 1 in several billion for its frequency AND must remain rock steady. Doppler shifts are very low frequency compared to the Gigahertz freq of the radar signal, and discrimination of such a low percentage of variation is the basis of doppler in radar. Without a VERY steady freq RF oscillator the speed determination is worthless.

    There are lots of radar facts you can find on Google, try looking for WEATHER radar info.
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