Help needed- converting 1 microsecond TTL pulses to 10 V pulses

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In my project, I need to convert TTL pulses of 1 micro second pulse width to be converted in to pulses of 10 V- 20 V pulses of 1 micro secod pulses. Only I need to change the voltage level to be shifted from 5v to 10V or above without changing the pulse width 1 microsecond. My signal conditioning board gives a output of TTL pulses of high frequency of the order of 100KHz. This has to be counted by using aa digital input add-on card which accepts pulses of 10 v or above. Kindly help with any circuit. I tried with normal OPAMP circuit (LM324) and it failed. I read that LM 218/318 may suit for this application because of high slew rate. But it is not available. Can any body suggest me? Thanking you

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You could use a level shifter IC such as the CD4504 or a TTL buffer (which is faster) with an open collector output (connect an output load resistor to 10V) such as the 7407 or 7417.