Help need Flash at peak voltage

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I need to build a circuit that ramps up to peak voltage stay there for five seconds and then ramps down, by connecting the output to leds it will cause the leds to brighten flash for five seconds and then
I found this circuit online and after adding a few components, I got it to suit my needs of the voltages ramping up and down so that the led brightens and dims, I now need to add a flash to the circuit, what i have tried doing is adding a 555 timer in the astable mode that pulses for five seconds and then turns of for five seconds. My problem is though when I hook up the 555 to the circuit it negates the dimming and the brightening. Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Actually I've come up with several ideas on the subject, you can read them at LEDs, 555s, Flashers, and Light Chasers.

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