Help need advice on battery charger


Joined Apr 16, 2010
I am charging the lawn mower's battery. Do I select on the charger 12v 6a or 12v 2a? Thanks.
12v 2a is less likely to damage the battery (if you leave on very long,) but 12 6a will charge it faster. Of course if the battery charger is a "smart" charger, it will automatically shut off when the battery is charged.


Joined Jul 26, 2010
Yea, unless you're in a hurry leave it on 2A, probably take about 6 hours.

The 6A setting is a bit high as far as current goes for a small batery but can be used for a short period of time (less than 30 minutes) in a pinch to speed thigs up, then switch back to the 2A setting to finish the charge.

These small batteries are delicate, they last much longer if charged slowly. It also helps to "shake" the battery about once an hour if you have th chance to help release th accumuated bubbles from the plates.

Be darn sure all the cells have been topped off with distilled water before you even start.