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Help me! i need to find out how to work a dimmer switch for a project that i am doing at home. I am currently working on the lamp but am desperately needing a poo! i cannot find out anywhere of how to work a dimmer switch :eek:. If you can help me please post a mesage because i am despearate for a poo and cant go until i find out!!!!!


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if u bought a dimmer switch, it should have instructions, if u could be a lil more specific on ur question we should be able to help(ex- wut kind of power source and dimmer u bought)...hope i can help...l8er



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what's a poo?

do a google search on "lamp dimmer switch circuit" there's a lot of that in the net.

am also attaching a circuit i did for one of our member but that is for sodium vapor lamp dimmer at 3000w. the circuit is of basic principle.