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Dear Forum,
I have purchased a Kickstart development board from IAR, LPC2378-SK-01,I have written a program for toggling a pin on the board using IAR IDE.I am new to the ARM Development.My program is as follows:

#include <iolpc2378.h>
#include <inarm.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <intrinsics.h>
#include "io_macros.h"
void Delay(unsigned int);

* Function Name: irq_handler
* Parameters: none
* Return: none
* Description: IRQ handler

// IRQ exception handler. Calls the interrupt handlers.
__irq __arm void irq_handler(void)
void (*interrupt_function)();
unsigned int vector;

vector = VICADDRESS; // Get interrupt vector.
interrupt_function = (void(*)())vector;
(*interrupt_function)(); // Call vectored interrupt function.

VICADDRESS = 0; // Clear interrupt in Vector Interrut Controller.
} //IRQ end

void main()

__disable_interrupt(); //First disable interrupts.
PINSEL4_bit.P2_0 = 0;
IO0DIR = 0x00000001;
IO0SET = 0x00000001;
IO0CLR = 0x00000001;


void Delay(unsigned int data)
unsigned int i;


I have written this program in release mode.But when I am making and debugging it using the simulator or when downloading the program using J-link to flash, there is a message on the debug log as:

Wed Jun 04 11:38:39 2008: Download completed.
Wed Jun 04 11:38:39 2008: Loaded debugee: D:\DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS\Release\Exe\test_program.hex
Wed Jun 04 11:38:39 2008: Target reset
Wed Jun 04 11:38:39 2008: Error (col 1): Unknown or ambiguous symbol. main
Wed Jun 04 11:38:39 2008: Couldn't go to 'main'.

Kindly sort out my problem........

Rajesh Mahapatra


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Beyond stating the obvious, I can't see anything wrong from looking over your code.

For some reason the debugger can't figure out where your main routine is. I would make sure that it is declared correctly (maybe "int main(void)"?).

Maybe somebody else has some ideas?


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It's all in the compiler setup. Look at one of the IAR example projects to determine what you are doing differently.

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I m not able to undersatand whether there is some problem in the code or in the IAR IDE settings.I have set the options in the release mode.