help me to write a c source code for receiver side using zigbee using pic16f877a?

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hi friends,please help me to complete my project,now i m going to communicate my lcd datas from one board to another board using zigbee communication,i have code for transmitter so i can receive the datas, when i m connecting with PC in hyperterminal,but if i m communicating with another board to receive the data using zigbee,i dont know how to write a program in c for receiver,pls give me some c source code for receiver using pic16f877a.

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Do you have a C compiler, such as Boost C? (that's the code I'd post)

Do you understand PIC interrupts?

Do you have a PICKit 2 or 3?

Have you read through the datasheet on the '877A, especially ports, interrupts, and UART sections?