'Help me' to see the Audio signal in Oscilloscope

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1. Normally i want to convert electrical signal into audio signal.
2. By using Microphone i can able to see the electrical signal in Oscilloscope. But I can't able to see the audio signal in Oscilloscope
3. Is any method to see the Audio signal in Oscilloscope
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Oscilloscopes can only see electrical signals. That's what they do. You must first convert any signal to an electrical signal in order to see it on an oscilloscope. A microphone converts air pressure changes to electrical signals. A photodiode converts light changes to electrical signals. And so on.

What is the nature of the audio signal you want to see on the oscilloscope?


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The audio signal may be too small compared to the "electrical" signal - the DC bias.
Put a 1 nF capacitor in series with your oscilloscope probe (or select AC input) and reduce the scope vertical display range.