HELp me to operate LED matrix


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WAN24 said:
please teach me how to operate led matrix thanx... :)
hi wan24,

have you done a google search on this? there's plenty of circuits out there in the net done in many diferent ways, a little search and patience will give you results.;)



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Th LED matrix comprises of a collection of LEDs arranged in ROW or Column wise. The switching is better done by connecting the Leds to the ports of a microprocessor/ microcontroller / sequential& combinational circuits using FFs, counters etc. it is lways better if you connect the cathode or negative terminal as the control terminal because if used otherwise will call for the controller to source 20mA of current for each LED.AND if you connect 100 Leds the controller has to source 100X20mA= 2A as a whole , either the controller will get heated so much r the LEDs will not glow. see to it that the t/F u r putting for sourcing the LEDs can give 2A.r more as the case may be. The voltage drop across the LED has to be maintained for increasing the life of it.