Help me. Laptop Internal Circuit. Problem found? :)

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Joao Chora

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Hello community,

I´m trying to repair my laptop since 1 month ago and finally I think I found the big problem of it.

My laptop doesnt turn on (no lights, nothing happen).

I think the problem of the laptop was a spike of current.

Now into the problem:

I found 2 fuses broken that I already fixed and now finally to laptop get warm into PU2.

This PU2 (power unit 2) receives voltage from the battery (12v) or adapter charger (19v).

This chip that converts the energy to the different parts is from RICHTEK and the name of it is: RT8206A.

VIN: 19v or 12v
VOUT1: 0.27v or 0.23v
VOUT2: 0.26v or 0.23v.

Picture attached.

The chip gets really HOT now (cant hold finger).

I think the chip is in short circuit.. Any test to do it?

Thanks in advance.

I couldn't upload here so link for the files:

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Joao Chora

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I m not understanding...
Its not a example..
The RT8206A receive 12v or 19v depending of what is connected (battery or AC).
The chip must do:
VOUT1 = 5v
VOUT2 = 3.3v

But is not doing that actually...
VOUT1 = 0.2v
VOUT2 = 0.2v

And it really get hot.................

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Joao Chora

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Yes Typical Application Circuit that I retrieve from the datasheet of that chip.

Thats why it say it can receive VIN from 6v to 25v (in my case and in any laptop (19v or 12v).
But VOUT1 and VOUT2 must be 5v and 3.3v....


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If the chip gets hot and isn't putting out the right voltages then it is probably dead; although other components associated with the chip could be at fault and result in the chip going into thermal shut-down mode.