Help me about the Star-Delta Transformer

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I am Designing the Linear power supply using Three CTs arranged in the STAR-DELTA form.
Each CTs are 10A/1.5A Rated.
I have struggled to calculate the voltage in the Delta windings.
Pls any one HELP.......


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Please provide additional information, as your post makes very little sense as is.

By "CT" do you mean "current transformer?" What do you mean by "star-delta" configuration? (Perhaps "star or delta?) What does this have to do with a linear regulator?

Can you provide a schematic?


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Isn't that confusing? IIRC we use CT for measurement purpose only. A supply using CT is somewhat unorthodox. Using CT's as CT It might be hard to determine the voltage anyways. Of course I'm thinking from a theoretical point, also, the dangers of using CT but perhaps I'm not thinking in the right direction.

By star-delta perhaps the OP means: primary;wye & secondary;delta?