help me about multiplexers


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"Multi" means "many" and "plex" means "rooms" or "spaces." In our use it means "uses." A Multiplexer lets one conductor path act as though it were many conductor pathways. A multiplexer is a "signal selector," or a "digital switchboard." We can use a digital adress to select which of several inputs will go down our output line.

On the other end, we'll use a demultiplexer to select where that signal will be routed to.

This lets us use one signal pathway (cable, radio channel, whatever) for many different signals, each taking their turn.


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They can also be used as universal logic gates, generating any function n variables, where n is the number of select lines.


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A good starting point is: Wikipedia's multiplexer article. The are also many good texts (available from your local library) which cover the topic in various degrees of detail.

If you are more interested in the circuit level implementation, let me know and we can go down that route.