Help - Is the Textbook wrong?

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ok here's the here's the problem
you have a circuit all elements are in series
voltage source E=20v
R3=x - drop in voltage across R3 is 4v

because you know the drop in voltage across R3=4v, you can determine the total drop in voltage across R1 and R2 must be 16V Right?
so from there u use the voltage divider rule to find out Rtotal using R1R2 = 8Kohms, Vx = 16v, E=20v...and you get Rt=10Kohms...Right?

so to find out R3 using voltage divider rule knowing Vx=4v,E=20v,and Rt=10kohms you get R3=2kohms right!?!?!

...the textbook gives the answer as 1.6k ohms, the answer i get is 2k ohms..
even if you try to solve the problem using the ratio method you still get 2 k ohms, but the book gives 1.6 k ohms...
WHAT GIVES!?!?!let me know if these words are too difficult to understand, i will try to simplify