help in wimax transceiver using convolutional coding and BPSK

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walid el masry

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hi, iam building a winax based transceiver which based on the 802.16-2004 standard i wanna send 35 byte or 280 bit per time and iam using a convolutional coding in the system which accept only 96 bit per time so i have to send it 3 times 96 bit each time and i will pad zeros in the third time cause i will have only 88 bit to send (280 = 96 + 96 + 88) but the problem is how to assembly then again in the receiver and that what iam asking for how to know that decoder has finished of 96 bit to store then and to be ready to store the second group and so on
iam attaching here the project files the simulink and the initialization m file



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Decoding in 8 bit blocks and assembling them in software would give you the breakdown you need.
The stop bit and communications/checksum bits are included in the transmission?