Help in Wien Bridge Oscillator

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I'm trying to design a Wien Bridge Oscillator in PSPICE but i'm not getting the output without any input.

i'hv tried numerous arrangements but can't get the desired result.

plz see attached file for circuit and tell me the corrections.


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I can't see the upload either.

However I would comment as follows.

A wein oscillator is self starting and does not require an input. (the gain should be set to 3 and a bit for oscillation)

It is possible that you have grounded a feedback loop depending upon your configuration. Are you using an op amp?

Some configurations cannot be ground referenced.

Some of this may help.

Ron H

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The 741 is a poor op amp, especially for a 16kHz oscillator. Its slew rate is too low.
Try a better op amp, like TL071.