help in understanding gerber data for PCb design

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    Mar 28, 2011
    actually I am new to this electronics forum I dont know how to create a new post i feel this is the right thread where I can post my query

    Guys please be simple in ur explaining since I am really new to PCB designing

    I have this query:

    enclosed you find the data format which we need for PCB assembling.

    PCB data:
    Extended Gerber, 274 X
    Absolute position, Unit mm; numeric format xxxx.xxxx
    For solder paste and outline

    Assembling Data:
    component description Housing Value X-Position Y-Position Rotation (separated with Tab)
    for example: C1 0603 10nF 10.35 -12.35 135

    In this PCB data what does this Extended Gerber 274X means....also for assembly data my manufacturer requires in following format how to make this data since this data cannot be generated in I need to ask reference point ?i am using Orcad 9 for PCb designing I need urgent help on this ...kindly help me out.
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    You can try googling Gerber 274x
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    Gerber 274X means the "aperture" data is also stored in the data file.

    Apertures? Gerber files consist of commands to take a shape (aperture) and move it. If you take a circle and sweep it you get a trace land, with nice rounded corners. Those shapes are the apertures and the "X" saves them where they are needed.

    To make these files you have to adjust your PCB program to give them to you. If you are not using a PCB program then you have to convert to gerber format; we used to convert autocad files to gerbers.

    Gerber files are actually just text files, you can open them up in notepad and see what's there.
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    Apr 17, 2010
    All about gerber :

    Its a file format that is used by PCB manufacturer to make your PCB.

    Gerber files can be generated by most PCB designing softwares,I personally don’t use Orcad but the process of creating gerber files is almost the same in PCB designing softwares,here is how….

    The first step is to create the schematics, then annotation i.e... name the unreferenced components which where not named while the process of schematic creation, like naming the components R1,C1....etc.After annotation a netlist and components list are created, now if you don’t know here netlist is another type of format which describes the connectivity of an electronic design. After netlist is created you can proceed to layout i.e.. input the different parameters like size of the PCB, width,height,trace width,silkscreen,pad size, solder mask and etc.At last after layout is done you are ready to create the gerber, normally in most PCB designing software we have some kind of Gerber Editor to make gerber files drill data and etc after that these gerber files are used by PCB manufacturers to create your PCB.

    Normally I dont make gerber files as I create my PCB at home ,so I just print them...

    Good Luck
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    Agreed. Gerber is the industry standard. It is how a designer would send files to a PCB house. It isn't the only way to do this, but it is the industry standard.

    There are several free software packages to draw PCB layouts with. Not all use Gerber, and the one I use I get away from there standard an clean it up using both Gimp and M/S Paint to my personal preferences.
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    Mar 28, 2011
    thanks guys for your replies :)
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    Mar 28, 2011

    i have one more query in LM111 IC i know it is a wrong place to post but need your help..PLease find enclosed the schematic for the same as taken from national semiconductor datasheet..can u help me in understanding this circuit I am not able to understand the logic of connecting 5 n 6 pin to power supply..What is the main logic of connecting pin 5 and 6 to supply for increasing input current .Also I am not very clear about function of 5 and 6 pin can u help me know it better?
    and how is the slew rate affected because of this ..waiting for some good replies:)
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    It may help you to look at the internal schematic.
    Look on page 18. Pins 5 (balance) and 6 (balance/strobe) are shown on the left-hand side. If both pins are connected to +V, then both of Q5's emitters have much more current available; instead of being limited by the 1.3k resistors, they would have roughly 243 Ohms (1.3k||300) in each emitters' current path. This allows the inputs to drive the subsequent stages harder, so they will turn on more quickly.

    If you don't need to trim the offset balance, tying them to +V is a good way to get more performance out of the comparator.
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    Generally when PCB’s are designed the software used has the ability to output various types of data. The most common is ‘Gerber’ data which is a standard electronics industry file format and is used to communicate design information to PCB manufacturers. This includes data such as tracking, solder resist, silk screen and drill information and is necessary for the bare PCB to be manufactured.
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    You are replying to long dead threads with posts that amount to site promotion, which is not allowed. The fact that your content is directly related and relevant to the thread discussion puts this on the fence. But, please, there really isn't much point in reviving threads that have been dormant for so many years.