help in half-full adder

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:ph34r: Hello there,
I m Not basically from science.But in my course there is some science stuff which is really har for me.
can anyone please explain me what is full or half adder in digital electronics?


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adders add nos in the ic.
half adder has only 2 inputs and an output but a full adder has 14 ( 2bit full adder) or 16 (4 bit full adder) pins. for 4 bit one: it takes 2 inputs (from 1--> 8:2 to the power of 8 ) and it has 4 outputs.
a fulladder takes the carry in to account as well...u dont have to add one or have the carry as one of the inputs but u have to do this if ur using a half adder.

also half adders rnt used much.. ive never seen any place taht sells it + in the TTL guide it says nothing about half adders.. u can use a full adder but only a couple inputs that u want.