Help in designing an S-band VCO

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Hi everyBody,

I want to design a VCO of the frequency above 2.5 GHz (S-Band)

i'm a beginner in ADS, can anyone help me design this VCO?

i need some useful paper, project file or book,

i should use 2SC4320 transistor which it's specifications are mentioned here:

VCO Gain and output power and also topology doesn't really matter,
but the phase noise should be minimum and the tuning range should be maximum, and of course there should be a trade off between this two

i just need a simple circuit, and if it's possible, the project file for ads simulation,

any help would be appreciated,



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Google is your friend.

You seem to be looking for design files, and that might be tough. You should not have difficulty finding a circuit such as the one above, or even simpler which you can turn into a design.