help in C#

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hi guys

i am studying pic16f84a

knowing one kind of micro controller allows u to know how to deal with all kinds

any way i really get booored of using assembly and i know that i can
programs using C

so is there any way i can take lesson from ?


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I don't think any pics run on C#. Pretty much just old 98' C. I know there are some new dev boards out that do run on C#. There so new and no one really uses C# for embedded so sometimes they go on ebay for super cheap. But using C# your gonna need more power then a pic can provide so they will most likely be much higher end chips. If you just want to use old C then all you need is a compiler and a good book. I recommend a book from newnes press

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sorry i meant C# high level language .

guys if there any way to study it i need u to give the link
coz i am getting bored from assembly ,it's takes long time and need to check every register ....

thanks guys i really appreciate it


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I don't think its possible at this point. C# is as you say a high level language. uC's are all about compacting code size to fit as much into a little space as possible. Memory can add precious $ to chips so you want as small of firmware as possible. This is why no one uses C# for programming pics. Possibly someone has made a compiler for it but I haven't heard of one. I have heard of them on much higher end chips like TI's OMAP, and NXP chips. Right now with PIC's, you basically have 3 languages.

ASM = Best, but hardest to do complex things to
C = Easier to make complex programs but code size is larger
BASIC = Super Easy.


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I don't think you can code in C#. Even C++ is not that widespread for embedded. You can use C which is widely used or BASIC as this is the one I use. I recommend mikroBASIC, which is very easy and you can quite easily, effectively and efficiently make any programs, be it simple or hard.
Similarly for C, there's mikroC which shares the same advantages as mikroBASIC except it's in C.

Hope this helps.


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C# is a language invented by Microsoft after they tried to add proprietary extensions to the C++ language but were jumped upon by the C/C++ community. As such it is only used with Windows related applications and as far as I know no ports of C# exist for programming microcontrollers.

The most common high level language used to write software for microcontrollers is C and there are versions of C compilers that cater for every brand and model of microcontroller at prices ranging from absolutely free to ridiculously (what idiot would but this) expensive and everything in between.

There are a few C++ compilers for microcontrollers but the limited memory resources of the microcontroller mean that there is seldom any advantage in using C++ overusing just plain C.


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BoostC is easy to use and learn. They also have C++ and Basic available. Extremely reasonable pricing as well, starting at free.

I'd also suggest switching to a newer family of uCs, such as an 18F2550 or other "new generation". The 16F84 is one of the originals with the most basic peripherals.

C# is a Microsoft construct for working with .NET. Syntax is a looser version of C somewhat. There are C# compilers for linux, but it isn't really a standalone language, it was built for use with a framework.