Help identifying a few IC's

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    Feb 26, 2011
    I'm new here and fairly new to circuit building. Recently I had a bunch of real old PCI cards lying around and a pile of ancient CD Rom's that I decided to harvest for electronic components. As I was desoldering various chips that looked useful I decided to look up a few and came across the simple 555 timer square wave oscillator. Since I now had two 555 chips (NE555, PC1555C) and having a love for electronic music and synth's this got me thinking of putting together a small synth with the parts I salvaged.

    Out of the IC's I desoldered I was able to find the data sheets for most of them but a few I didn't have any luck with. I'm hoping some one here might be able to help me out with identifying the ones I could not find.

    The chips are:

    XR 558CP (im thinking it might be a 558 timer since it also has 16 pins but I couldn't confirm it)
    3860 JRC 3116G (exactly what it says on the top of the IC)
    SC802 4692 (exactly what it says on the top of the IC, thinking it might be a generic EEPROM. It has 8 pins.)
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