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im planning on building this levitator circuit.

however, i dont know what kind of ic this is. usually i see IC numbers with letters before or after the number. could someone please tell me what kind of ic this is? thank you

ps. here is the translated version of that page(it is in czech. i used google translate)

The working principle is simple. Because the magnet or electromagnet alone would nevznášely objects (either would have fallen, or would be rushed), is added to the electromagnet electronic control its performance depends on the position of the subject. The optical sensor consisting of infrared LED and a phototransistor or photodiode infrared senses the position of the subject. If the object gets too high, will be less illuminated photodiode circuit and provide reduction in the current coil of the electromagnet. If the subject contrast is too low, illuminated photodiode will be more and electromagnet current is increased. The control is used 1 / 2 OZ 1458, or 4558 and power MOSFET cooler. The electromagnet is about 1000 turns 0.4 mm wire. Such a solenoid is not designed for continuous operation at full voltage of 12V, as it bled over 20W. During operation the levitating object is the real power loss coil much smaller (about 2-6W). Therefore, the device also should not be long in operation, if it is not raise no object (in this state is nearly 12V coil and very warm). If you have problems with the recovery levitators (subject to rozkmitává) may be necessary to change the time constant circuit. This is done by changing the value of capacitor C1. Experimentally Change the value up as the 10U to 22U, possibly down to about 2u2 1u up until the circuit reaches a steady state. Problems can also cause weak optical sensor, so I used two phototransistors.