Help identifing an soic8

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    Mar 24, 2013
    I have spent several weeks trying to identify what the 8 pin IC is.
    I have not come up with any chip that would connect the way this one is.
    Tried to see what was happening and the scope is at X10 and AC. As soon as I touch pin 1 or 3 it stops working. Have not been able to catch any pulses at pin two either. Pin 7 show the xtal frequency just a little lower than on pin 7. However pin 7 is not connected. It is obvious the reason they are using the microprocessor xtal frequency so the pulses will sink properly from this 8 pin chip to the microprocessor. That is my guess only.
    I think pin 3 get its info from the processor and then sends it to 1 and 2.
    Please see the attachment.
    Only information on it is the date code. No mfg. numbers at all.
    First thought an eeprom. Looks like it is not the correct connection for one.
    Some super engineer might just look at this and say. I know what that ic is. I hope so.
    How nice that would be. I could cut way down on Aleve.