HELP!!! how to fit many movies in one DVD

Why? What's wrong with using more than one DVD? How about a USB drive.
Try Handbrake and use X.264 compression with AAC audio (mono + low bitrate). With high enough compression you might have a slight chance.

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im curious about the 24 movies in 1 dvd...and also seen 30 movies in 1 im planning to do the that i can save dvd. my hard drive is already full of movie, and there's not enough space..


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Using XVid or DivX you can compress the heck out of things but quality goes along with it. The limit to maintaining a decently watchable picture is about 5:1

There are also some other compressors that put out .m4c files (and others) which will compress very tightly but they're designed to be used with little iPod type devices with tiny screens so you wouldn't notice much difference.
I'm sure the quality is pretty lousy. Are blank DVDs expensive in the Philippines? They're cheap as dirt here. A spindle of 50 is about the same price as a McDonalds dinner.


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At 5:1 XVid is really pretty good so long as you're not trying to push a big screen to max resolution, even then you can take a DVD9 down to about half and still maintain almost perfect clarity in 1080

From my analysis they tend to concentrate compression on the very dark (almost black) areas of the picture as that's where the most obvious artifacts show up when you're going 5:1 or 4:1.

Ever watch an online Netflix or equivalent? I think they use the same thing.

I don't expect to put more than 4 or 5 movies on a DVD for a player that can handle .avi directly, many even have an SD card input nowadays.

Most of my stuff is stored as .avi and I'm quite happy with it but then again I'm no purist.

When you can buy a 2 TB hard drive on sale with free shipping for $90 after rebate who cares? I've got boat loads of them set up as RAID5 on a server using an SAS controller. In time I'll switch to a more fault tolerant RAID config but for now it's fine.

Movies reside on the drives, I can watch them anywhere in the house from the server but I can also convert them back into true DVD format and burn them, including the lightscribe, in a bit over a half hour each.

I will also insert my disclaimer here. Most of what I've got is really old stuff that's difficult to find or replace. It's my opinion that so long as it's been played on TV about 20 times already or is an old out of print western who cares?
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The disks are probably double sided dual layer disks. I've seen these around, but they aren't very common due to the high manufacturing cost.


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MP4 comes to mind. It's a pretty good compression standard, but good luck getting it to play on a DVD player.