HELP HELP HELP need schemetic diagram from pcb

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I am working on an inverter that can be operated on 12v and 24v, i have found the following pcb that can invert 12v can someone plz convert it to a circuit diagram

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I cannot read all of the lettering on the board.
I can make out some of it.
+12V-, FEED, 100R/5W, 50HZ,
I can read the 1N4007 diodes, the 1k & 10k resistors, 1uF and 10uF caps.
Don't know what the things with the rounded tops are. Can't reed the numbers on the rectangles. I think the IC is a 3624?

It would help if you could take photos that are larger, in better focus and brighter.
The best lighting for such photos are outside on a cloudy-bright day.
Flash photos don't work very well; they are much too harsh.


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A good technique is to take a picture of each side of the board (use a tripod to get clear pictures and to get them the same scale). In photoshop or similar you can mirror the copper side and superimpose it on the other side.
Like this but done properly:
Another thing that might work is to shine a strong light from the copper side and take a photo of the printed side.



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Do you have a scanner? If you could scan both sides of the board at 300 DPI or better, that would make things a LOT easier.


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There's not that many parts there, and only 1 ic, why don't you just sit down and draw it out?
You could even use markd77's picture in combination with the actual board and it wouldn't take too long.
also, I can make out everything but what those 5pin rectangles are supposed to be...


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My monitor is ancient, so images look darker than they should. My eyes are not what they once were either, so the combination makes it very difficult for me to make out the details.

Using zoom doesn't help.


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I saw your problem so I used photoshop to try and clear up and brighten up the photos. I added clearer labels to the printed side. Everything was readable but the rectangles on the right which look like "0313".
I also aligned and sized the photos so they could be overlayed. I had to change my Kb size for posting.
I hope this helps.
P.S. I use photoshop for my schematics and all graphics. I'm sure there are other programs just for electronics.



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What people are saying is it is hard work for them too. You are just going to have to do it yourself, but you can ask for help if you have trouble interpreting something specific.