Help for Slot Machine Coding in VHDL

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Hello all! I'm new to the site, and am finishing up a final project for my computer engineering class. In the project, I have decided to program a slot machine on a DE-2 Altera Cyclone II board (a lot of extraneous information, I know, but it couldn't hurt), and am using Quartus 9.1 and VHDL to program this onto the LCD display. Currently, I have everything mapped out on paper, but I've had a lot of personal issues that made me miss a few weeks during the main VHDL segment of the course. Basically, I need to understand how to write a pseudo-random number generator, as well as how to put the current money amount and the bet amount into VHDL. Does anyone have any idea how I would go about this? Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks :)


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Google LFSR (linear feedback shift register) for the random number generator. There's some implementations out there.

How are you going to represent the bet amounts?