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hello everyone ,
i have thought about the project for my final year engg. diploma ,i'm interested in aircrafts and i decided to build a project on " GROUND PROXIMITY WARNING SYSTEM ".now i need assistance on schematics , i have to use 8051 or its derivates .......,any block diagrams regarding this ,or general plan about this ............................any sort of help from anyone ?????


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I agree with beenthere, get the sensor working with something simple like a parallel port adaptor and a PC then worry about making it stand alone.

I'm pretty sure a GPS device could do altitude though not safe enough for a real world device it's good enough for proof of concept and to allow learning all the interfacing and programming knowledge..
After you get at least the altitude sensor/measuring device up you can work on the various other sensors needed for that type of warning. When all of them work, you'd then integrate them to a stand alone microcontroller or find out what data bus real aircraft use and find a dev kit for that to play with.

This has some of the various warnings needed.

Now if you can get your hands on a radar altimeter -*cool* ;) When you're advanced enough you might actually be able to build one but for a beginner I'd stick to the simple sensors and do the best possible with them.

Last but not least get the system working. Then find a recording chip and have a friend record all the warnings for playback and interface that.