help for line following robot

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can you please help me in our project..our instructor ask us to build a line following robot using pic 16f877a using assembly language..can you give us some codes and pointers for our project..thanks >:)


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"Please can you do my homework for me?" ;)

At least make a start and have some ideas*, and then go to the homework section where you'll get some help and advice.

Even learning to search the internet will be a good beginning - you'd be surprised what results it will bring up!

*i.e. Will it walk, fly or use wheels? Will it be nuclear or battery powered? Is the line black on white, white on black or suspended 50 feet in the air? Will it have to carry a human 400 miles across the desert, cruise at 40kts along the Marianas Trench or just power itself around the classroom? You get the idea...