Help for brushless dc card

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    Oct 20, 2010
    Hi all,

    First thanks for your previous helpfull advices :) .

    340V and 15V power supply work fine.

    Now , third step in order to use my brushless milling machine, - I hope of course .....

    I'd like to get advices from experienced members about the following draft; in fact , i got the initial drawing and replaced components.....

    Surely mistakes,of course.....

    A question about powering hall sensors:

    In MC33035 datasheet, pin 8 ouput is 6,2 reference voltage for these items.

    I added 5V power supply with 7805 for hall sensors ,and also for a power on led on casing, is this a good idea?

    Second question:

    What power needed for IGBT resistors, 1/2 ,1 or more watt? is for MC33035 , MC33039 , FOD3120 and MEA1509SC

    Schematic is the draft made with Kicad.

    Numérisation0003-modif-1FINAL.jpg is the initial drawing.

    Thanks a lot as usual.