HELP for automatic cabriolet roof switch !

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Hi guys i'm a newbie :)

I am sure most of you here will find this a piece of cake.

I have a cabriolet car and to open and close the roof it take about 45 seconds.
The problem is that the switch is near the rear view mirror and holding my hand up there waiting for the roof to open/close is a strain.

I needed to make a circuit that will enable me to press the switch once and let go but the power will continue to flow for 45 seconds. according to my research a 555 timer chip will let me do this.
THE PROBLEM... is that, i cant let the chip run non - stop for 45 seconds just incase there is an emergency (like some idiot but their hands between the mechanism) so i will need to cut the power. How can I do this?
PROBLEM 2... is that i dont want my nephew or someone to be playing with the switches and opening the roof (again safety) so I was wondering what could I do to make it double tap to open/close instead of pressing it once.

I appreciate all your input guys. Thanks youuu


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