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Hi everyone, 1st I want to start by saying that basically this whole site is over my head. Now I know thats not a good way to start off. Basically I'm trying to learn on here and have some help at the same time.

So I am into modifying automobiles, tuning, ect... Now I have built and OC'd a couple of my personal computers also. but I'm not good with programming. This basically pertains to SPI protocol.

The ECU I'm trying to work with is from Simple Digital Systems(SDS), as seen here.

What I'm trying to do is make hookup my laptop to my Engine Management system for my race car. Then have the data input into my datalogging program. Neither source has been very helpful so far. I have some other help that has already integrated data from his stock ECU to this datalogging program via usb. I'm looking to use usb or serial. I do Not want to program this with my laptop, I only want to input/intercept/record the sensor data that is shown on the display.

Basically I have this engine management setup that does not use a computer to program it, it has a LCD/programmer box that you adjust everything with. It also has screens that show real-time data from sensors, ect... This LCD programmer is connected to the main ECU by a DB9 cable(it can be removed and everything will function fine ECU wise). The programmer of this system says it uses SPI protocol with an extra pin. he is very vague and not very forthcoming with info. I also have recieved the wiring of the DB9 connector and the code for the buttons on the LCD/programer box(which I'm not sure that I will need).

So here is that info,
Rich (BB code):
db9 pins:
pin #   function
1     Pulses low to tell programmer to send key  data.
2.    MISO, serial data output
3.    serial clock
4.   LCD data  latch signal, sits at 1, goes to 0  after each byte. 
5.    +5volt
6.     programmer push button event. Sits at 1, 0 when button pressed.
7.    LCD  display module mode, 1=setup/program, 0=normal display characters.
8.     MOSI, serial data input. Keypad data comes in here.
9.    GND

Heres  the button data:
The ecu pulls in this data after a button is  pressed.
GAUGBT  equ     $40     'GUAGE' button
REVBTN  equ     $20      '<' button
PTENBT  equ     $10     '+10' buttoq
FWDBTN  equ     $08      '>' button
PONEBT  equ     $04     '+1' button
NONEBT  equ     $02      '-1' button
NTENBT  equ     $01     '-10' button
The datalogging program has been used by many to do this kind of stuff. For refference it is LogWorks by Innovate Motorsports.

Basically a guy I know suggested that I may be able to use something like this to get the data into my computer, as thats what my 1st step is.

Now the programmer of this SDS system basically shot this down, but with no real reason other then he uses SPI but with an extra pin and also that I would need a micro controller and program in C to get it done. Now I've told him multiple times I do Not want to program from anything other than the included LCD/programmer, I just want to tap into the available data that is already going to the LCD display and route it to my computer, then integrate into this datalogging program.

Any and all input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
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