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i have a meraki wireless wall plug. it has a bad SMPS power suppy. im trying to find a schematic but cant seem to locate one. anyone help me find one? the model number of the power unit itself is: DSO-15P-15 it is a 15 volt unit. if i cant find a schematic, what is the most common problem that causes SMPSs to fail? im getting 0v from it.



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I doubt you find the schematic. It should be quite easy to draw the schematic for that smps (except for the smd caps). It's a single layer board.

I know it's made for up to 240VAC, but on which voltage did you use it?

Find out what U4 is (SMD). After drawing the schematic until it makes sense you can really start troubleshooting.

If you don't want to do that you can look for bad solder joints (I don't see any), capacitors which lost capacitance (doesn't look like it), resistors with elevated resistance (this actually happens). Check the main semiconductor switching component. The transformer would be hard to verify ... unless it has a hole in it. (which means it's dead;))