Help finding power regulator for power source Panasonic AE700u - MR20T1

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I've tried everything and am now looking to the experts for some advice.

I am trying to repair a power supply board for a Panasonic AE700u projector.

The problem is the power regulator in the picture. I know it's the problem because the projector will just power on and off until you blast the chip with cold air from an upside down dustoff can. When the chip is cold the projector works great.

The chip is labeled MR20T1 with what I believe is a production number underneath.

I've searched for that number on digikey and mouser and a host of others but can't find it.

You guys know a lot more than I do about circuits and electronic components. What resources do you use to find stuff? Any suggestions you have would be great.


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This is on the user manual. It may be helpful. It really depends upon how you present yourself and who answers the line when you call.
I personally would recommend sending them a polite email requesting a circuit diagragm including part numbers and information where to obtain replacement parts. I have had a lot of luck doing this in the past.

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