[Help] Er... how do i start?

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Please note:
1. I am new to this whole electronics region of interest.
2. I have a bit (small bit) of experience in physical computer electronics and programming (just the extremely basic programming (bits bytes & booleans XD)).
3. I'm just a teen, so I don't exactly have immediately available funding.

How exactly would I start with overall electronics? I am REALLY interested in this region of interest but I need a good kick-start to get me moving. Perhaps could you suggest sites/books/etc. (just anything) that would help me learn basic electronics and engineering? Email me if possible, thanks.


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Follow the tabs at the top of the page to our Ebook. Learn some basics and think about doing some of the experiments in the Ebook. Ask questions in the forums, too.

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It may seem a toy, but one of the 300in1 project boxes is a good start. They allow you the option to modify the schematics they present, and I still have drawings I transcribed from mine when I was a teen, almost 40 years ago.

When I saw a project I wanted to keep (ie, build), I scrounged the parts and build it off the project board. The ability to have 2 functional circuits side by side was also a valuable learning tool if there were problems.

Any internet site (such as this one) that has experiments (circuits you can build yourself) is also a good resource, you don't have to build everythign, just try to soak it all in. I remember looking through the boxes of Popular Electroics books my aunt used to have. Never built any of them, didn't always understand what I was reading, but the reading was a great teaching tool.


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Hello mbohuntr,

The link you gave is the PDF version of the eBook we have here on the site.
These PDF's are not as often updated as the eBook on this site.