Help Deciphering BuckBoost Control System

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I got passed a control system for a buck-boost DC-DC converter and I am having trouble making sense of it. The simulation utilizes an averaged switch model and a few control inputs to convert an input voltage of 9.6-12.6 V to an output voltage of either 5 or 20 V. The circuit is shown below:

Vcx and Vcy correspond to Vc1 and Vc2 respectively from a transient simulation point of view (i.e. neglect the AC source on each) - the circuit can convert the voltages appropriately during two distinct phases - first with control 1 set to 0.5 volts and control 2 set to 0 volts the circuit boosts the voltage to 20 V - during phase two control 1 is set to 0 volts and control 2 is set to 2 volts and the circuit bucks the voltage to 5 V.

I just can't seem to make any sense from the control system devised here and would like to develop something less convoluted. Can this be simplified in a reasonable way using voltage or peak current control?