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  1. shubham123

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    Nov 11, 2012
    I am making a project on 'Transistor as a switch' and I am not really sure how to connect the potentiometer.Main aim is to vary the voltage.
    I connected the -ve end of the battery to one of the ends of the pot, +ve end of the battery to the other end of the pot,-ve of multimeter to -ve of battery, +ve of mutimeter to the middle point of the pot and I got a perfect reading.
    But doing the same in the circuit but it did not work.

    Have to connect the pot with Vbb in the given diagram

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    Why did you start this new thread when I answered it yesterday in your original thread, here:

    EDIT: In your original thread you said, "Rb = 680k+680k+120k resistors in parallel" which is a total of 88.7k, not 200k. Your 100k pot might not work well if RB is 200k because then the maximum base current will be too low.
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    Nov 11, 2012
    Sorry for starting a new thread.I have attached new readings in my previous post.I had connected the transistor and pot wrongly.Please let me know if the readings are correct.
    Thanks a lot for helping me out.