help configuring hps bulb

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well ive got this ballest and a hps (70 watt) bulb its this ballest exactly running from the actual light goes into this converter thing and out of it runs 2 wires and tied to these 2 wires are a white and black wire like you would see running from a light switch. how from these 2 wires (black and white) would i make it so i can plug it straight into the outlet in my home?


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just buy a male end on a plug...there will be three screws on the plug...on to the nuts will be green which is the ground and u won't use this 1. The top two slots are different shapes(slots are wut goes into outlets)...the smaller 1 is the HOT slot and the bigger is the NEUTRAL...hook up your black wire to the screw that corresponds with the HOT slot (smaller 1)...thus leaving the big slot used for the white wire...hope this makes sense and answers your question...thx l8er