HELP-Can somebody explain how to do this?

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New to PIC Microcontrollers and embedded systems programming. This assignment is using MPLAB.
Part 1:
Write a program to transfer a string of data from code space starting at address 200H to RAM locations inside the CPU starting at 40H. The data representing your last name and first name is as shown below:
Using the simulator, single-step through the program and examine the data transfer and registers.

Part 2:
Add the following subroutine to the program in Activity 1, single-step through the subroutine and examine the RAM locations.
After data has been transferred from ROM space into RAM, the subroutine should copy the data from RAM locations starting at 40H to RAM locations starting at 60H.


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Have you studied and understood the assembly commands available for that processor? If you haven't then you need to start there.