Help building circuit simulator

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Hi there

I am trying to make a circuit simulation using macromedia flash. Basically it will be a circuit board 5 pegs across by 4 pegs up. You can place circuit elements between the pegs i.e batteries, wires, resistors, bulbs, ammeters, voltmeters.

I want to make it so when a user creates a circuit, when they place a voltmeter in the circuit or an ammeter, it gives the correct reading for that part of the circuit.

I guess I need to somehow work out the voltage or current by resolving the entire circuit.

Any tips on the order of steps to do this would me much appreciated.

Here is an example of what I want to do




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Man, that is sweet. Keep up the good work! This would be a great teaching device for newbies. Could you label the components with name / value? Let us know if you move it to a different site or host it somewhere!


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Hi Paul,

have you done it?
Is there any similar CIRCUIT DESIGNER (not software simulator) something more for embedded hardware?
long ago I saw one basic physics software where it use to show "ON" "OFF" Led and similar real feel simulations.