Help/Advice - Timer and Latching Relays

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I am designing a circuit that uses relays to send current to different devices that accept GPI triggers. have built the circuit in Multisim and it works great. However in real life, the prototype is not working. I think the problem is that the timer relay I purchased has a momentary break in current delivery between its switch from N.O. to N.C. and back which is causing a latched relay to come unlatched. Once this relay is latched by a momentary button, I need it to stay latched even during the timer relays operation i.e. I need a way to smooth out the gap in current flow.

I know capacitors are used for this type of thing but I can not figure out what type to use and how to connect it. I will provide the multisim file if anyone really wants to help me out on this. Any advice is greatly appreciated.