Help adding a second switch to a 12 volt DC motor circuit

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I'm having a bit of trouble with a project I have going on. I'm installing a key switch on the outside of my bus, so I don't have to walk around and climb over the driver seat every time i want to open the doors. (other switch is on the inside)

Right now the circuit has one double pole double throw switch that goes into what i think are two relay switch things :confused:, that are hooked up to the 12 volt DC motor that opens and closes the door. I wanted to put another switch into the circuit. (key switch for outside) I Have the switch wired up what i feel is correct. but if i hook up my switch the other switch stops working.

This is the switch I'm trying to put in.

I've also included what I feel to be a horrible diagram of what I've done. :) door wire diagram.gif

sorry its not the most interesting project but, I'd like to say thanks to anyone who could lend some info and help me out. Much appreciated.


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I've also included what I feel to be a horrible diagram of what I've done. :)

Just to confirm: switch 1 is the one that is installed, and switch two is the additional one?

Question: From switch 1 the orange and blue lines, is the voltage on them always ON, meaning is the voltage only being inverted when the switch is activated/deactivated? Or does it turn completely off?

If it's only inverted you can put a switch with the same function in series with this first one. see attached picture


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The orange and blue lines are turned completely off. The switch must be used to have current pass through them. They both have a center off position. Left and right swith polarity. Thank you for the schematic though.
The line from the battery will be the only "active wire" is there another way I should have wired this? The switch works, it just seems like I can't get them to work wired up together.

Thank you do your reply!


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