Help about Ultiuboard file export.

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    Oct 17, 2011
    Hi..! :)
    I'm using Multisim8 and Ultiboard8 to design a circuit+ PCB. It is almost complete and fully tested. Initially I used toner transfer method to build a prototype PCB. Now I want to get a screen for PCB printing. The problem I’m facing is that I have to take the design to the screen printer shop but they only accept Coral Draw files. They demanded me a transparency positive of PCB for a good result and now I haven’t a professional printer to do this. That’s why I have to provide the PCB design to them. (They didn’t agree to temporarily install the Ultiboard8 for this purpose). I can “capture the screen area” but it makes the design nasty. Please give any solution or idea about how I can proceed next. Thanks a lot for your attention.