Help: 12V, 12amp DC motor Linear Actuator Direction Control

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I am new-bie here. I was searching solution for my problem on google, I came across with this site.

I am using 12V, 12 amp DC Motor Linear Actuator. I want to control it's direction. right now I am using heavy Duty DPDT Relay. It worked fine. next I used TO3 type NPN-PNP Trasistor (2 x MJ15025 PNP & 2 x MJ15024 NPN) H Bridge Circuit, 12V x 12 amp = 144W , as My wattage is high so I am getting heat in those transistor. but Its not as successful as Relay.
so I am looking for a circuit.

I have a brake foot-pedal switch of Tractor, when it foot-pedal is pressed on signal(current) comes in 7 plug socket. I am using that signal as input to my Relay. Its working fine. but I want to make Electronic Circuit for that.

My Signals is mainly through that foot-pedal switch. ON & OFF. the Actuator's motion should be FORWARD when Foot-Pedal is Pressed, When foot-pedal is released the actuator should be REVERSE. the time for this operation is not fixed & if foot-pedal is pressed, linear actuator is in forward direction & ignition switch turned to off it remains in engage(extended) postion.

Can you tell me how can I do that?
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