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    Sep 26, 2010

    I am doing my masters in CS at Cal State Long Beach. I did my undergrad in Business Administration so this is a new field for me completely. I am taking Operating systems this semester...which is interesting none the least, but also challenging. Hope it goes well and hope to get some good guidance from you guys...

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    Mar 24, 2008
    Welcome aboard Mashhype!

    Couple of points you might want to consider.

    You want to talk circuits you need to take it to the Electronics Chat area. We have wide variety of forums, try to match your thread to the forum, like you did here.

    Put the time zone and approximate location in your profile, so folks can relate to what time of day it is for you. It is also handy for helping you locate parts.

    One last thing, turn on your private mail! This is not the same as email. If someone wants to contact you it is how it is done. PM is not meant to be used for electronic discussions, but to communicate personal information, things like email or postal address that you don't really want known out there.