Hello, LED headtorch switching sollutions

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    Mar 6, 2011
    Hello all,
    This is my first post, ive been trawling here 2 days as google searches came up with this site so often in my queery that i had to post, i have searched here and found almost what im after but feel slightly overwhelmed after absorbing all this information

    the circuit is for a headtorch incorporating a 3021 buckpuck to drive 3 xpg LED's in series from a 12v 6800ma lipo battery, as well as 2no ultrabright 5mm LEDS

    i have done this previously using a rotary 5way switch with resistors, the sequence was this
    off/2no small 5mm LEDS/20% xpg/50% xpg/100% xpg

    the switch is bulky and i would like a neater looking light and was hoping to do the same or near enough sequence using a momentary switch

    my experiance is little, prevoiusly ive assembled a few maplins pcb kits, the most rescent a 12v night sensor relay, i am willing to learn and post photo,s of the end result, ive just purchased a bread board and now want to experiment
    i have been looking at 555 timers/monostable/astable/pnp, im a bit overwelmed at the moment your help would be great