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I code/program for a living (mainly C#.net, SQL server these days), and have been doing so for the past 14 years.

I have not studied electronics or dabbled with it in any way for about 18 years now. Lots of inclination and interest but not enough time.

Well, after all these years I am looking to get into learning electronics. I hope it is not too late (I turned 40 some months ago). There are just so may resources for self-study nowadays (free e-books at this site, MIT Open Courseware, etc) that we did not have when I was in college.

Anyway, I am beginning to read from the first DC book. I purchased a "Simpson 260", a Tektronix 453 oscilloscope and a soldering gun from an estate sale, all for $60 over the weekend. My friend, a former Navy electronics technician helped me buy these. All are in good functional condition. I have no idea how to use any of them, but I plan to find out. :)

I am really excited and looking forward to learning and building projects. Any advice/suggestions would be most welcome.



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It's never too late! Welcome, and get reading. Grab some resistors, batteries, wires, breadboard and a DMM, and do some of the basic exercises until you 'get it'. You'll be building cool stuff in no time :eek:)