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beginning im sorry cause my English is not good if havemistake in my writng ... i need the short discuss paragraph about ressistance electrical by ohm law (6/7 lines for that paragraph) i think that is very convenient for you ... please help me that is my homework for wednesday ...

discuss about it :

1. Why connects the ammeter respectively and voltmeter in parallel ?
2. What is the impact of resistance on the circuit ?
3. What is the resistance and internal resistance ?
4. What are the features of successful circuit ?

im waiting for you help


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Have you read Vol 1: DC in the ebook (bar along the top of the screen)?

The book covers your questions very well, and is a quick read if you know what resistance is and jump to the relevant areas. I think the reason you are to write it out in paragraphs is to show you understand it, e.g. didn't copy from google.

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Thank you dear, but my problem is my english is not good so that is my homework i should answer it with english by paragraph ... i want you answered that questions for me with short paragraph :)


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Hedi, why not answer the questions in your own language, find a translator on the internet, translate your answers to English then we can try to help clean it up?

What language do you speak?