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    Mar 20, 2013

    I am sure everyone share this same experience as Heathkit made manuals for their products were excellent but only thing Heathkit did not make good parts list. This was one the worst parts of the entire manuals. Because you can see capacitors section showed only part number, key number but did not show voltage rating, temperature coefficient, tolerance and other information need to select correct parts. Around after 1980's, resistors section become confusion and sometimes it did not show watt range.

    I browsed many websites and it was a real poor information. They seem care to sell or free copies of manuals. Cross reference showed most on IC, transistors or other semiconductors.

    I realized there are zero websites focus on Heathkit Continuing Education. For example, I have a set of Heathkit Digital Techniques course. The parts list showed slight different compared with first edition. (I had first edition but I lost it during moving years ago and got replaced one from eBay happened to be later edition.

    Do you know anyone may have website that focus on Heathkit Continuing Education? If possible, PDF downloadable on Digital Techniques first edition to compared with parts list.

    Anyone may know the specification as follows:

    Heath part number #25-875, 1000uF electrolytic capacitor, voltage range?
    Heath part number #21-21, 200pF disc capacitor, voltage range? other info?

    I already able to get other components but only capacitors, I was not sure which one is correct parts. Hopefully, you can help me...

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