Heat sink for TO-220F FQPF47P06-D

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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I have ordered FQPF47P06-D, (my mistake) have 10Amps of current to pass.
The mosfet is like this from back side. If i connect this type of heat sink behind will it be able to dissipate heat? and help to handle 10Amps?



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If the back of the heat sink is flat, bolt it to the back, as near the middle as you can and use some heat sink compound. It should dissipate the heat. At 10A, there will not be a lot of heat if the FET is turned fully on.


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Should be ok. At worst case with RDSon = 0.26 ohms and at 10A, you get 2.6W heat to dissipate (I squared x R). As Keith points out, that works if your VGS is at least -10V. Lower gate-source voltages will cause higher RDSon resistance and thus a lot more heat.


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Issue is back side of mosfet, which is to be connected to heat sink is not metal, its some plastic type, so this I fear will that be able to transfer heat.
Even the ones , TO-220, have an internal temperature higher than the outside of the case. And the thin plastic on the back of the TO-220F(P) would or should be very similar to the plastic or mica insulator that is needed with a regular TO-220. Just do like the others said and you should be good.