Heat shrink tubing and ESD?

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I own a PC similar to the one on this picture:


The WLAN half-height mini card is going to be removed, and I want to isolate the connectors on the two grey antenna wires. I found some 3M GTI 3000 heat shrink tubing without glue:


I want to put a piece over each connector, and let the wires lie freely.

My knowledge in electronics is very limited, but I know that ESD can ruin electrical components. Is it possible that the heat shrink tubing can generate electrostatic and ruin components on the motherboard, or is it safe to use in such environment?

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All shrink tubing has excellent insulating qualities, but so does black electricians tape. Excellent insulators will refuse to dissipate an electrostatic charge, but they don't MAKE electrostatic charges. In fact, those 2 grey wires already HAVE shrink tubing on them. I say, do it.